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I Am
There once was a small tree who had dreams of being the biggest tree in the forest. It looked around and saw the giants that surrounded it. “Someday I’ll make it. One day I’ll be the biggest tree there is!” the little tree remarked. <br />
Years went by and that little tree never grew, instead it withered due to lack of sun and died. You see, all the giants around the tree never gave it a chance to grow. They took the sun and grew bigger and stronger themselves rather than sharing the light with the smaller tree. <br />
One day while it was raining the giants heard the droplets speaking to them. “I forgive you” they said. “My whole life you laughed at me and never let me feel the lights ray. I lived in your shadows. I wanted to be you. I thought you were my friends. But it wasn’t till I finally let go of my taught dreams of being a giant tree that I started to grow. It was in that moment that I was sent to the clouds. Higher than any tree could dream of reaching. I realized I am so much more than just a tree. I am the rain. I am the wind. I am the light.<br />
And I have you to thank for that giant. <br />
Thank you for helping me see life isn’t about being the biggest tree in the forest, it’s about accepting change and allowing yourself to evolve into what you really are meant to be. Letting go of what you imaged yourself to be, and letting the Light guide you to who you really are."