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There is no Right or Wrong, there only Is.
Whether it’s straight lines or crooked lines<br />
the Major’s designs <br />
are in a Cosmic Align<br />
a Cosmic Spine<br />
that iterates off the other<br />
Don’t bother<br />
beating yourself down<br />
let go of that evil guilt clown<br />
that’ll drown out your sorrow<br />
and uptake your misery.<br />
Allow light and dark to be<br />
exactly what they are.<br />
Don’t judge, observe.<br />
Don’t hate, learn.<br />
Learn to remember who you really are.<br />
Star dust, from an infinite Source that’s traveled so far<br />
Just to be here and now is an absolute miracle.<br />
Breathe it in. Feel it. Become it.<br />
You are the Miracle.<br />
<br />
Redwood National Forest, CA