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Mountains to Climb
I do not boast of my own strength, nor of my own wisdom. But my soul is filled with joy and I will rejoice in my God. <br />
I know that by myself I am nothing. As to my own strength I am weak. But in the strength of God I can do all things. For I have seen miracles because of His power in me. <br />
For I was lost, and He found me. I was weak, and He made me strong. I was afraid, and He comforted me. I was ashamed, and He loved me.<br />
Destruction surrounded me, darkness was my friend, guilt my Ally, and surrender inevitable. <br />
It was there in that darkness that I finally recognized the way. It was there in that cave, I found what I had so desperately been looking for. <br />
I had searched the highest mountains, deepest valleys, and driest deserts. But it wasn’t till I disappeared in that darkness, till I let go of all that I clung to, that I found it.  <br />