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One Year Later
Hot as hell, but hell is frozen over. Does that make me Hades or a verbal flamethrower?<br />
Enraged for days, I think of the ways, to pick off my targets in the most sinful of ways.<br />
Crazed. Dazed. Come what lays. The Haze inside my head ain’t just a faze.<br />
The maze of rays sets my gaze, enlivens my soul, compels my rage.<br />
So go on, leave with no trace. In haste you came and in haste you race<br />
away, and waste all the face you have ever won. <br />
I wish I could erase the poison from my tongue,<br />
Your taste wrapped in lace, your seduction undone.<br />
You bleed noble, but no longer his son. You’re done! You are not the Chosen One.<br />
So stop where you are, put down the gun and surrender yourself to the Omnipotent one.<br />
You wanna new life? You wanna escape? I think every single one of us in this world can relate.<br />
Yea, you may have some scars and tats on your face, <br />
but you’re not saved by your works, you’re saved by His Grace!<br />
The taste, that can erase, the seductive lace, <br />
and won’t waste away in your barrel of haste.<br />
So forget your old ways, and remember these days<br />
not as days of damnation, but as days of Grace.